D.Z. Stampi uses advanced hi-tech tools, which allows us to implement the entire creative process / manufacture of the mold, starting from 2D and 3D design, up to the final testing stage.
The projects and processes are carried out exclusively within the company thus ensuring privacy and non-disclosure of the given information.
The typical steps for a mould manufacturing is the following:

Rapid Prototyping by Selective Laser Sintering (SLS ®)
Detecting possible improvements in planning within short time and at low cost.

Pilot mold for small productions
A single cavity mold (for limited productions) is built before starting with the production of a complex production mould.

Production multi-cavity mould
Manufacture of a multi-cavity unit, in accordance with the results of the pilot mold.

Validation and final inspection
Mould Installation on the production line, start-up test and securing the maintenance of a production quality over the time.

Furthermore we offer a maintenance- and repairing service for our molds, to provide a complete and reliable assistance to our customers.